# Snarfid As in snarf + rfid, the goal of the project is to explore what kind and concentration of rfid data is available in various locations. We will then organize this data, map it out, try to figure out what it means, an hopefully present something cool at an upcoming 5mof. ## method we build a (semi) long range rfid reader in a suitcase, then walk around with it in several locations. The first trick is to build the suitcase reader. ## info resources [How to Build a Low-Cost, Extended-Range RFID Skimmer]( # leaders leaders and followers are relative and dynamic, post to the mailing list if you'd like to be involved and someone should be able to fill you in on the status. # participation to be determined # bill of materials (revised) it *seems* like what we need is a [proxmark3](http:/ to read the cards $399 [Enclosed Proxmark III]( (unfortunately this apparently doesn't run under Linux as of right now and isn't expected to work until November) and a computer that can read usb (a gumstick from 1 x [Overo™ Earth COM]( 1 x [Summit]( $198.00 # time line (revised) ?) After testing we've found several problems and are reviewing the initial design. 3) carry out ops on or before <strike>July 10th or August 14th </strike> 4) present data at following 5mof I believe we should focus on trying to present at the August 19th 5mof because that should give us enough time to organize, collect data, process it, and prepare the presentation. # needs Help. I'd like this to be more than just a nbay project. I'd really like to collaborate with Seattle to get more info and have more fun stuff to present. Also, anyone else interested in carrying around a data collection device would be helpful. The more data we collect, the more interesting the results will be. # notes We need to determine if we're going to be looking at [13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 14443 rfids]( for passports or other info or 125khz for auth ids. Either/both would be cool. [standards for rfid]( ---- CategoryProjects