# Neg9 Wiki Welcome to the Neg9 wiki - various resources from the Neg9 group will be provided here, including, but not limited to the following categories: * [Resources](/Resources) - Getting started and improving your skills * [Projects](/CategoryProjects) - Resources for group and individual Neg9 projects * [Whitepapers](/CategoryWhitepapers) - Whitepapers published by Neg9 members * [Local Meetings](/CategoryLocalMeetings) - Information about past and future local meetings * [Events](/CategoryEvents) - Information and planning for larger events, such as Dedicaticon and other conferences * [Infrastructure](/CategoryInfrastructure) - Public information about Neg9 infrastructure * [Other](/CategoryOther) - Things that don't quite fit in other categories, such as planning for parties * [Users](/CategoryUsers) - User pages (contact, bio, research) * [CTF](/CategoryCTF) - CTF tools, ideas, practice notes Please contribute and play nice! **You don't need an account to create or edit content but only moderators and admins can approve content. Be patient and they will approve your content.** # Hot Pages This should be a list of ~5 pages that are very active or current - such as pages for upcoming meetings and events. * [Seattle-2019-01-29](/Seattle-2019-01-29) * [OpenCTF 2018 Writeups](/OpenCTF-2018-Writeups) * [Seattle-2018-02-16](/Seattle-2018-02-16) * [Seattle-2017-01-08](/Seattle-2018-01-08) * [Seattle-2017-12-11](/Seattle-2017-12-11) * [Seattle-2017-11-13](/Seattle-2017-11-13) * [Seattle-2017-10-09](/Seattle-2017-10-09) * [Seattle-2017-09-12](/Seattle-2017-09-12) * [Seattle-2017-08-08](/Seattle-2017-08-08)